We at Jomar Freight Delivery, Inc. sincerely feel that we have obtained the critical balance for our customers. The philosophy of our company is to provide personal service that possesses both expertise and a fair price. The concept that the customer is our most important commodity is not a myth in our organization. In a day and age when so many other companies make you feel as if you’re too little for them, that you are an account number instead of a person, that personal service is from a bygone age, Jomar Freight Delivery, Inc. has not only survived, but flourished.

Yes, we want to grow – but at a steady pace that is not detrimental to your needs. Our ideas are sound and progressive for today’s sophisticated shipping managers. No, we haven’t forgotten that people make up our industry – that transportation professionals require personal service from people they deal with on a daily basis and not some cold, far away phone center.

This is what you, the shipping public so desperately need and what Jomar Freight Delivery, Inc. is committed to provide every time we are called upon to do so.

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